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Impact Learning 

Accepting learners starting with grade 6,  Impact Learning (Academy) provides the experience of a nurturing environment where education is personalized. Learners progress through courses and project based learning experiences while receiving support from our team to help them stay engaged and to provide academic assistance. We believe that learning should be fun and collaborative. 

Learners participate in a blended learning environment while receiving daily support and guidance from our learning specialists. We support the academic needs and strengths of each learner, helping them improve their overall academic skills through one-on-one and small group instruction.


Our learning space is very intimate, inviting and provides students a stress free environment where they are able to  work at their pace. Experiential learning coupled with a hands-on approach supports students in acquiring new knowledge  through experiences and guides them in reflecting on the learning experiences as well. Our enrichment offerings such as our new Entrepreneurship program, Nature & Outdoor Exploration, Spanish Language & Culture, gives learners the opportunity to channel their creativity and explore different interests. 


With student created learning ("Impact") plans,  social activities, workshop days, clubs, community service projects, choice enrichment programs and monthly learning quests, learners will be engaged and excited about learning. Understanding that personal health and wellness is important, this is also incorporated into our program.  

Click here to meet with our Director and schedule a Virtual Tour!

*We accept  Step Up Scholarships, contact us for more information. 

Impact Learning Academy - Global

Relocating or traveling abroad and still have an interest in our programs, we are able to offer our curriculum and support from anywhere, providing customized learning plans and guidance for your student.

Contact us for more information. 

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