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About Us

Impact Learning was created by a mom who as an educator successfully helped numerous traditional learners be successful by using non-traditional methods of teaching & learning and also supporting homeschool families reach their goals and be successful. With a desire to help others who wanted and felt they would be more successful in a small,  non-traditional, project based environment, Impact Learning was born. Through our unconventional approach, we offer our microschool program. We also provide academic enrichment and an academic summer camp. We believe education and learning should be natural, hands-on and occur at a learner's own pace. 


We understand that families have a choice and want the best educational experience that's fitting and aligned to their needs and goals.  We start by offering a flexible learning environment where we utilize best practices and strategies to meet each learner's individual needs.

Education Reimagined

Our educational programs are ready and waiting to help your student enjoy learning and be successful. 

Impact Learning (microschool) Grades 6-8

Our small, intimate environment allows learners to work at their own pace, naturally while they also participate in small group intervention sessions. All students receive support as they progress through courses. Learners have personalized "Impact" plans that guide their academic journey. Support may be virtual and/or in person and led by certified teachers. Read more below.

We also have the capability of assisting parents plan and structure their homeschool settings. 

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring is lead by our academic coaches, afterschool hours, and may be 1:1 or in a small group setting. Tutoring is available to students of all ages. 

Some of our classes in high demand;

  • Spanish- For Beginners and Dual-Language students

  • Reading/ELA, Writing

  • Test Prep -F.A.S.T., SAT, ACT, EOC

  • Homework Help

Summer Learning Programs

The summer learning programs are

4 & 6 week sessions where students participate in a small group setting.

 Impact Learning

Our learners participate in a blended learning environment while receiving daily support and guidance from our learning specialists.

We support learners academic needs and strengths, helping them improve their overall academic skills through one-on-one and small group instruction. Our learning space is very intimate, inviting and provides students a stress free environment where they are able to work at their pace. Experiential learning coupled with a hands-on approach supports them in acquiring new knowledge  through experiences and guides them in reflecting on the learning experiences as well. Our enrichment offerings such as our new Entrepreneurship program, Creative Writing, Nature & Outdoor Exploration, Spanish Language & Culture, gives all learners the opportunity to channel their creativity and explore different interests. 


With student created learning ("Impact") plans,  social activities, workshop days, clubs, community service projects, choice enrichment programs and monthly learning quests, learners will be engaged and excited about learning!

Our Team

We offer full-time, daily support by certified teachers and additional academic specialists. 


Dr. Joy G. Hicks

Executive Director


Ayana Davis Hernandez

Director of Learner Support


Lili Gomez

Academic Support Specialist

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