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Materials and resources for students, families and schools. 

Modern Classroom

Summer Learning Activities

Explore and shop our dual-language and supplemental academic resources

*Current students may select any supplemental material item for free.

Actividades Divertidas

Un libro divertido de actividades para usar solo o con amigos

Para aprender y practicar español

Take a look at all of our activity books below

Get a copy of the first activity book in this series of fun activities for practicing Spanish. Perfect for young Spanish speakers and those learning Spanish.


Actividades Divertidas 
Actividades Divertidas -Mas Actividades

Have more fun with the second edition of " Actividades Divertidas- Mas Actividades" - $7.99

Aprender y practicar espanol.

Summer Learning Activities

Summer learning for grades 2-3. Parent information and QR codes to reading lists and much more included!  *Materials for all grades K-5 are available. - $20.00


Actividades Divertidas Imágenes Escondidas

Looking for more fun? This edition of Actividades Divertidas is all about hidden puzzles! - COMING SOON

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